Del Mar considering reducing racing days this summer

Del Mar racetrack officials are considering possibly reducing the number of days of the 2009 race meet. Currently, the race meet is scheduled for 43 days, from July 22 to Sept. 9.

However, due to the recession, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is considering various cost-saving options, including cutting down the number of days of the meet.

“There is discussion, that’s all there is at this point,” said Mac McBride, spokesman for the thoroughbred club.

McBride said these discussions are not unique to the Del Mar track, rather, it reflects the economic environment of the state and country.

There is some concern there may not be as many horses coming to the track this summer because not as many folks are buying racehorses.

“Owning a racehorse is discretionary spending,” McBride said. “We’re starting to see a cycle where before, people would rotate out and other people would rotate in, now, maybe not so many people are rotating in behind them.”

The situation is not dire, he added, but the economy is prompting racing official to consider options they might not normally.