Del Mar does not need a new City Hall

I recently received a “survey” for the proposed new Del Mar City Hall. It was a foregone conclusion that the project would be built. The “survey” only included details about what things would be built. Nowhere on the “survey” was there an option for expressing the opinion that it should


be built. The City Hall “survey” was clearly designed to guide participants to a pre-determined conclusion. In short, it was insulting. As a property owner in Del Mar for decades, I have often felt that I am viewed by the municipal government as a bottomless well of money to be spent on brass-plaque projects and other peoples’ legacies.

Del Mar does not need a new City Hall. Why do we need a bloated planning staff for a built-out town of some 5,000 households, many of which are part-time? When everyone else is tightening their belts, why does our local government want to spend, spend, spend? We have been told for decades that we need a new City Hall, but have done quite well without it. Why now? Is this going to be put to a public vote? If not, why not? I think everyone, including those who do not want a new City Hall, should have some input in the process. This bogus “survey” is an affront to the democratic process.

Peter Mathews

Del Mar