Del Mar elections are coming — quality candidates needed


Jim Benedict

Resident, Del Mar

The November elections can be a very pivotal election for Del Martians. The city is running on financial fumes and there ARE solutions to make our city more fiscally sound.

Candidates that want to take on the beast of ‘bloated pensions and out-of-control back end’ benefits, please step forward. Please run and take a leadership role to stop the bleeding.

Our current council is reluctant to step forward and take a leadership roll to cut the costs of government. Cities all over the county are reducing bloated pension programs, re-defining retirement contributions, and cutting the costs of government.

Pension reforms have occurred in Solana Beach and Carlsbad. Silence in Del Mar. Escondido has reduced the fire department back end costs. Silence in Del Mar.

Our sheriff’s contract is completely out of control. Employee benefits run amuck. Did you know that sheriffs even get their birthday off as a paid holiday? And our current council reaction — silence.

The City of Del Mar’s pension cost in 2003 was just over $300,000. In 2009 it is over $900,000. How come?

Please, if you want to cut $100,000s of waste, please consider running for our city council — and then be proactive and step forward to take a leadership role. Our city will greatly benefit from this type of leadership.