Del Mar families needed to host high school students from Spain this summer

A selected group of high school students from Spain will come to Del Mar in July 2014 and will enjoy our beautiful city from the best possible vantage: living with a local host family. “This is what we do at Live California,” says the director, Alejandro Campillo. “We hand pick a group of students and bring them to Del Mar. We place them with volunteer families and take care of all the logistics.”

The students stay busy and they are picked up and dropped off at home every day for the four weeks of the program.

Lisa Campillo, the Head of Studies, and Alejandro personally handle all aspects of Live California. All families are interviewed in person which gives them a chance to discuss hosting details and talk about their lifestyle.

“This is our fifth year” says Alejandro. “We work with very small groups. We approach it in a very personal way. Running this camp has given us the opportunity to meet dozens of fantastic, generous families in this area. We regard them as friends.”

Hosting provides a great opportunity for local children to have an international experience in the safety of home. It is a sheltered, yet firsthand look at the challenges and rewards of speaking a different language and traveling to a distant land. “It’s a stepping stone,” said Campillo, “to spark an interest in travel and languages”.

“We have participated two years in a row, with different students. The first year we had a good experience with Monica, but it was Pilar, the second student, who fit in so well with our girls that we felt like she was part of the family,” said Mrs Landon from Del Mar Heights. “Now my girls are begging to visit Pilar.”

“Families who would like to host should talk with other host families and hear different perspectives. Our former host families are our best ambassadors. ” said Alejandro.

While families with teenage kids are the most natural host families this is by no means a requirement. The program is open to any families from Del Mar and nearby communities.

Live California is currently recruiting host families for July 2014 .

Contact: (619) 894-3957;;