Del Mar Garden Club bestows Pride of Del Mar Awards

By the Del Mar Garden Club

Spring has arrived and with it, the Del Mar Garden Club’s semi-annual walk around the village checking out the store fronts along Camino del Mar. This project, started last May, gives recognition to the business owners who have beautified the front of their shops or offices with a selection of plants. Once again club members viewed a variety of plantings, including succulents, native plants, perennial and seasonal flowers. Also considered was the maintenance of the flower boxes and containers, lack of weeds and condition of the plants and surrounding walkways.

Del Mar Garden ClubAs soon as we stopped in front of Real Living Lifestyles Real Estate we were greeted by its manager, Dixie Courtney. Dixie told us the first thing she did when they moved in a month ago was to replace the old worn planters with containers holding colorful red flowers and add new succulents to several beautiful brass pots. Real Living Lifestyles immediately got our approval.

We also noticed over the past few weeks that landscaping was replaced at the Lemon Tree Corner on 11th Street. The area has a nice refreshed look thanks to owner Gracelyn Peck who does all the gardening herself. We also peeked at the courtyard behind the center and saw how lovely it looked. The owners certainly have pride in their property—another winner!

We have to admit our disappointment in seeing lots of weeds, poorly cared for plants and less than stellar storefronts in many areas of the Village. There is a lot of room for improvement.

We do give kudos to the following businesses that have consistently kept their properties looking well groomed and inviting to customers. Special recognition goes to Masterpiece Realty, Dexters, Salon Del Mar, Starbucks, Ranch & Coast Spa, Artistic Hair and Frustrated Cowboy.

The Garden Club plans to continue to recognize village business owners and will award certificates again next fall. Any questions regarding this project, contact