Del Mar Heights School connects students with artists

Students at Del Mar Heights Elementary School are learning about the work of professional artists through a new program at their school.

Created and coordinated by art teacher Andrew Smith, ArtPartners brings local artists to the Del Mar Heights art room to share about their life, work, motivation and process of creation.

“I want to demonstrate to our students that creativity and art in practice is not limited to the classroom or to the world of the art show.” Smith said. “I want students to understand that art is a living, active part of the lives and livelihoods of adults and artists in our community.”

Local painters, sculptors, textile designers, photographers, surfboard designers and performers are scheduled to visit Del Mar Heights. Watercolorist Mark Sherman and aerial photographer and engineer Dragan Radoicic were the first artists to participate in the new program.

Sherman shared his watercolor work with fifth-grade students and helped them explore their own creativity in his chosen medium. The students responded with interest as they learned and engaged in a simple proportion activity. Sherman, whose work can be seen hanging in the Del Mar Art Center, will return to work on watercolor technique with the students.

Sixth-grade students explored the creative process of Dragan Radoicic, a local architect, engineer and artist who uses ground-controlled flying machines to create stunning films for both artistic and professional purposes. Radoicic talked about his education and the pleasure he finds in blending his creative nature with the technical aspects of his training. The highlight of the session was watching the flying machine launch on the school’s field as it shot film of the students. Radoicic’s work can be viewed at