Del Mar Heights students explain the art of turkey making

We asked Susan Lampe’s first-grade class at Del Mar Heights School how their family prepares a turkey for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the feast of adorable answers!

  • We season it with 4 shakes of salt and then we put it in the same pan I cook my eggs in. We put it in the oven in the frying pan. We cook it at 62 degrees for 2 hours or 4 hours.

— Aaron

  • My Mom and Dad and I go to the store and buy the turkey. We go home and we cut in half and we take the bones out and put it in the oven at 25 degrees until 11 at night. In the morning, it’s Thanksgiving and we eat it.

— Adela

  • We cook it in the oven on 450 degrees for 2 minutes because if it was longer it might get burnt. Then we let it cool off. Then we take the blood out. I set up the table and after that we cut it in half.

— Brandon

  • My Dad buys the turkey and we cut the skin off. Then we take out the inside stuff from the turkey and throw it away. We put salt on it and cook it in the oven on 6 degrees for 5 hours. We cut it up and eat it. Everyone in my family sits at the table and eats it.

— Dominic

  • My grandpa, grandma, cousins, aunt, uncle, my other aunt (that lives in New York and just arrived here), and my second grandpa with his girlfriend (he has different girlfriends every time but only one now) all come over!

— Dylan

  • We open the package up and then we sprinkle a little seasoning like a little cinnamon and a little pepper too. We cook it in the oven on 60 degrees for 99 minutes.

— Jacob

  • We go to my grandma’s house and she cooks the turkey. It’s pretty much all ready when we get there. There’s a big table where everyone sits and we all eat together.

— Lily

  • We cook the chicken and put it in a special tray and cook it on 11 degrees for about a half hour. After that we wait til it cools down, and we invite some friends over and we take all the bones out and we eat it. And we put gravy on it. I like gravy on it!

— Katerina

  • My Mom buys it at the store, she cooks it and it softens the bones it makes the blood evaporate and then when it comes out of the oven she takes the bones out, and then we cut it up.

— Lucas

  • Last year, we went to my Grammie’s house. I don’t know where she lives but it is a long drive. We eat our turkey and when we finish our dinner we eat the pie and ice cream. After that my sister and I go play. Then we play games as a family all together. And then I go home.

— Olivia