Del Mar increases protection of San Dieguito Lagoon


By Claire Harlin

The Del Mar CIty Council approved an amendment to the city code that will prohibit motorized watercraft or travel into or across the San Dieguito Lagoon, except for some construction, maintenance and safety purposes.

The sensitive area this applies to includes all of the lagoon, starting from the east side of Camino Del Mar bridge. Also under the amendment, the city will work with Department of Fish and Game to identify sensitive areas and implement signage.

The protection efforts are in concordance with the state Marine Life Protection Act expansion that went into effect last October.

The item was originally scheduled for council review in November, but was continued because letters of concern were submitted. Ordinance language has since been revised.

Del Mar planning manager Adam Birnbaum said a community member had inquired about whether it would be OK to fish from a kayak. He looked into it, and said that action would be permitted as long as the person does not exit the kayak and enter the lagoon habitat.

Councilman Mark Filanc pointed out the amendment only applied to the portion of the lagoon that is in Del Mar, and there should be efforts taken by the City of San Diego to protect the areas of the lagoon that are not in Del Mar’s borders.