Del Mar kids connect with Friendship Games

By Karen Billing

Del Mar Heights hosted the second annual Friendship Games on Friday, May 30, bringing together the first grade classes at Del Mar Heights and Del Mar Hills who have been pen pals for the last few months. Heights and Hills share the same school boundaries so kids that are neighbors may attend different schools—the games are a way for new friendships to be formed within the community.

On May 30, Hills students walked over to the Heights and met their pen pals for the first time, exchanging a final letter and a book. New friends smiled as they read each other’s letters.

“Dear Gianna, I have watched Frozen 21 times. Have you gone fishing? I went fishing and caught two fish before. Have you gone bowling before? I have,” read David’s note to Gianna.

“I can’t wait until Friday!” read Elena’s note to Peyton, which also included a drawing she did of the two of them together.

After meeting, the kids played some icebreaker games and then got to enjoy a picnic lunch and popsicles together, as well as parachute games and a balloon toss.

Photos by Karen Billing