Del Mar Letters to the editor

Prop. J imposes tax burden

In response to Mr. Emerson’s opinion column of May 14: Is Proposition J creating a new tax a novel idea? No. The Del Mar City budget, in fact, is balanced, and the city actually maintains a budget reserve.

Prop. J is exactly a tax on homeowners and residents. Prop. J will require residents who rent out a cottage, or room in their home, even for only a week, to get a business permit, report rental income to the city, collect and pay a new 11.5 percent tax, and be subject to audit. Of course, this tax has to come out of rental income.

Residents who rent their homes for short periods of time do so because they need the income to help pay their mortgage or property taxes. These neighbors already pay their fair of federal and state taxes on the rental income, as well as their property tax. Renters don’t use any more city services than the homeowners they displace and probably spend more.

Prop. J is nothing other than unfair double taxation and local government intrusion and expansion. How about this novel idea: The Golden Rule.

Lucille Lindsey

Del Mar