Del Mar Library landscape nearly complete

The Del Mar Branch Library is in the finishing stages of a landscaping project that will add succulent gardens to the lawn in front of the downtown building, reported Arline Paa, community liaison with the Del Mar Garden Club.

On Nov. 2, the Del Mar Department of Public Works, in a partnership between the City of Del Mar, the Del Mar Garden Club and the Friends of the Del Mar Library, delivered several large rocks to the library lawn, at 1309 Camino del Mar.

The rocks, because of their ability to hold moisture in the soil, will be used to anchor a new succulent garden, Paa said.

All the plants were donated by the Friends of the Del Mar Library, said Paa, and the Del Mar Garden Club will arrange and design the rocks and plants. The succulent garden on the lawn facing Camino del Mar is already finished; work is still being done on the garden on the side of the building facing 13th Street.

Also involved in the landscaping project is the addition of new rubble to the rock wall lining the building along 13th Street.

The entire project was undertaken to complement the recent $250,000 addition to the library, which added a 586-square-foot all-purpose room for book clubs, author talks and children’s programs. Paa said the new garden and rock wall would be finished by the end of the year. The Del Mar library can be reached at 755-1666.

— Matt Liebowitz