Del Mar Little League ‘Snack Shack’ a home run


By Gloria Limas An

The Del Mar Little League (DMLL), which is now two baseball leagues, American and National, has opened up a “Snack Shack” to help raise funds this year. The idea was presented by DMLL board members Larry Jackel and Joe Caprice who enlisted the help of a steering committee.

Seven volunteers head up the “Snack Shack” endeavor. They are Lisa Miramontes, Jen Eastlack, Katie Wilsey, Rebecca Klein, Rachael Schreier, Audrey Jackel, and Erin Anderson. Eastlack has four players in the league and says, “I like this new addition because it gives the kids a ‘home-town’ feel to the little league. Players and their families can hang out at the field, before and after their games, while having a hot dog or snack.”

The league fundraiser allows the sponsoring snack parent to pay $20 to the “Snack Shack” instead of bringing snacks to the game. In return, they are given tickets to distribute amongst team members at a discount. Each player is given a ticket worth $2 to use towards any of the items at the snack tables.

Volunteers staff the “Snack Shack” in two shifts, morning from 8 a.m. until noon and afternoon until 5 p.m. There is always a one-to-one adult and child ratio and adults assist the younger volunteers when handling hot food. Typically, it consists of two parents and two baseball league players who do not have game times during duty.

AA Hooks baseball player Danny An has served as a volunteer twice during the season and says, “My favorite part is when people order multiple things and I have to do the math in my head to give them a total. It’s like mental math from school! Then I always try to up sale!”

Ryan Bouzon, who plays on the AA Sea Dogs, says, “It’s good to have snacks right after the games because players are hot and thirsty.”

He adds, “Everyone on our team looks forward to snack time because there is so much to choose from and we are so hungry!”

Food items include hot dogs and cheese nachos. Other items that are offered include waters, sodas, Gatorade, Otter Pops, chips, peanuts, granola bars, trail mix, candy and fruit. The Village Mill Bakery, located in the Del Mar Heights Town Center, is one of the “Snack Shack” muffin providers.

Parents of DMLL players are thrilled at the idea of a “Snack Shack.” Kristin Watkins, who has two players on the league, says, “The kids love the variety of snacks so they can choose exactly what they want. It makes game days easier for the parents as you don’t have to shop for snacks that will make the players as well as their parents happy. Also, it eliminates the worry about providing snacks for kids with allergies.”

Sage Canyon holds its “Snack Shack” on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., serving both morning and afternoon games for the home National games. There is no set up for weekday games. Ashley Falls is the sponsoring location for the American games, but does not yet have a set up due to a lack of volunteers.

The league split into American and National leagues at the beginning of this season with participants on the north side of State Route 56 becoming members of the National league and those on the south side joining the National league.

The DMLL is looking for additional volunteers to assist with the “Snack Shack” set up at Ashley Falls on Saturdays during baseball season. More information on the Del Mar Little League, National and American, can be found at


DMLL Snack Shack volunteers Melanie,

Gloria and Danny Limas An

Snack Shack connoisseur Rylen Eastlack