Del Mar Mesa board OKs plans for development

At the Nov. 12 meeting of the Del Mar Mesa Planning Board, Chairman Gary Levitt presented for board members’ approval his plans for Rhodes Crossing. The development is a 147-acre mixed-use project of which he has acquired 40 acres adjacent to the Del Mar Mesa preserve, south of Route 56 and east of Camino del Sur.

The board unanimously recommended approval of the project (Levitt recused himself from the vote), which will now go to the San Diego City Council for approval.

Levitt, president of Seabreeze Properties, Inc., said he has emphasized the mixed use by increasing the areas of homes, townhomes, and apartments situated above retail, as well as including a shopping center.

He described the project, planned for commercial buildings and residential development, as containing 150 single-family homes and apartment buildings.

“It will be a true mixed-use project,” Levitt said, consisting of homes, townhomes, apartments above retail, a grocery store, movie theatre, shops and restaurants.

Board member Lisa Ross, however, has previously noted that Rhodes Crossing is a “heavily suburbanized” development (near a vernal pool site, where development is usually restricted), next to the Del Mar Mesa open space area. Its heavy density detracts from the intended “rural nature” of Del Mar Mesa, and “is not compatible with an atmosphere of habitat preservation,” Ross said.

Levitt said, “The biggest frustration is the project has been delayed.” It was slated for completion in early 2015.

In other news:

  • Trail maintenance: Chair Gary Levitt and board trails representative Preston Drake noted the poor condition of some Del Mar Mesa trail fence posts. They said installation of several 8-foot posts to replace rotting posts could cost $32,000, which could come from a county grant at the end of 2015. Drake said a minimum 200 feet of posts would cost $5,000.
  • Police Department Community Relations Officer Tracey Williams, who monitors drivers speeding on the Del Mar Mesa preserve, noted a frequent speeder finally had a head-on accident and is being dealt with. “I hear all the complaints; traffic and CHP are monitoring.”
  • Keith Corry, District 3 Supervisor Dave Roberts’ land use aide, cited 35 new cases of West Nile virus activity in San Diego County, adding locations are listed at