Del Mar Mesa briefs from Oct. 14 meeting


DelMarMesaBy Suzanne Evans


Paradise Point (Besemer property) is a 4-acre lot at 5159 & 5185 Del Mar Mesa Road, near the Whitehorse development in an area boardmember and developer Paul Metcalf told the board is within a mostly developed area of single-family residences on predominantly one-acre lots.

The project proposes a Coastal Development Permit, Site Development Permit, Planned Development Permit, Neighborhood Use Permit and Vesting tentative Map to subdivide the four-acre parcel into four, one-acre lots for future single-family residences with guest quarters. A Mesa planned development permit may achieve more units on a site designated in the Del Mar Mesa Specific Plan as Estate Residential, provided the additional density is achieved by including density transferred from another site within Del Mar Mesa, Metcalf said. The site providing the additional density must be designated as Open Space and would no longer have density associated with it. The project is consistent in character, density, scale and intensity with the existing established residential development. Metcalf will come back to the board in November with city feedback.

New Meadows rep

Del Mar resort representative, Michael Vincent took his seat as the resort’s appointment to succeed its past representative, Perry Dealy. Vincent, the resort’s security director, has also worked at Four Seasons and other resorts as director of safety and security. Vincent said he has changed the code on the gate leading from the resort onto Del Mar Mesa road, preventing the ongoing problem of vehicles speeding out onto Del Mar Mesa Rd., endangering passing cars.

Grand Del Mar settlement

The board first has to receive city council action to establish a trail fund and then go through city Park and Recreation in the $250,000 cash settlement Del Mar Mesa and Carmel Valley are to receive from the city’s 2005 agreement addressing the resort’s violations in illegal grading. Chair Levitt said the subcommittee needs to decide on philosophy and improvements regarding the trail system.

Del Mar Mesa Road maintenance

Vice chair Elizabeth Rabbitt said boardmember Preston Drake will work ahead of the rainy season on a system to prevent runoff from hills onto roads. Drake will try a water diversion technique called a “rolling drain dip.” Levitt said the dip needs to be easily passed over by horses, bikes, and strollers. Drake will try one model of the drain dip to see if the board approves.