Lighting, trails, District Three representation discussed at recent Del Mar Mesa meeting

Lights and trails were the main topics of discussion at the Del Mar Mesa Community Planning Board’s meeting Sept. 10.

A streetlight newly installed at Del Mar Mesa Road and Aquitaine Court at the east end of the Del Mar Mesa Preserve is too bright, complained board member Jim Besemer. “There is no shield on it; the brightness is very obvious.”

Council District 1 representative Steve Hadley will follow up on the problem of bright lights that violate the Del Mar Specific Plan, which states, “Lighting shall be designed to avoid intrusion into the Multiple Habitat Protection Area and effects on wildlife ... to preserve the rural nature of the community and protect the resources in the MHPA.”

The Specific Plan continues, “The only streetlights that should be provided in the community are those necessary for safety ... The standard lighting, where necessary for safety shall be ... low-pressure (pale pink) sodium lights. ... Low voltage outdoor or trail lights, spotlights, or bug lights are prohibited in the preserve.”

Speeding continues to be a major issue in the Preserve, chair Gary Levitt noted, and the city still needs to design, approve and install traffic calming devices.

Board member and trails representative Preston Drake noted a number of trails that had rotting posts that need replacing along portions of Del Mar Mesa Road at the west end. Drake also said someone cut off part of a trail’s post, and he noted several additional trails with rotting posts that were cut off along the sewer line access road.

Keith Corry introduced himself as District 3 Supervisor Dave Roberts’ new land use aide, with a background in local government, adding he will regularly attend the Del Mar Mesa board meetings.