Del Mar Mesa Planning Board hears complaints about speeding, warnings of garage thefts

From the May 14 meeting of the Del Mar Mesa Community Planning Board:

• Speeding in Del Mar Mesa remains a major issue along Del Vino Court and The Preserve Way, and was discussed. A Mesa resident with small children said he worries when cars “blow through stop signs at intersections.”

“It’s an ongoing problem,” noted San Diego Police Northwest Division Officer Tracey Williams, who said he is increasingly “out in the field.” He promised to bring a radar trailer to the mesa to indicate speeds.

“We need the city to help us with alternative solutions; it’s a capital improvement,” said chair Gary Levitt. Steve Hadley, Councilwoman Sherri Lightner’s District 1 representative, advised requesting Lightner’s office for help to bring traffic engineers to the area. Levitt said the board will send a letter to the city.

• Garage thefts: Police officer Williams cautioned about recent thefts from garages that are left open, even while residents are at home.

• Alta Del Mar: Pardee has agreed to replace unsightly fences in three homes facing Del Mar Mesa’s main winding country road. Noting that the fences detract from the rural attractiveness of the mesa, the board has referred to Del Mar Mesa Specific Plan requirements for fencing that is not bulky or overbearing.

• John Hartley, representing Neighborhoods for Clean Elections, spoke regarding the group’s campaign for public financing of elections. “Funds can’t come from special interests; we don’t feel any of our neighborhoods get a fair share of help from the city. Special interests have more clout than neighborhoods,” he complained. He emphasized that the group is “empowering neighborhoods, giving them a say with the city; that’s what we’re fighting for.” Visit