Del Mar Mesa planning board rejects One Paseo, asks city to rescind decision favoring project

Jeff Powers, spokesman for Protect San Diego’s Neighborhoods, told the Del Mar Mesa Community Planning Board at its meeting April 9 that the group had obtained 61,215 qualified signatures to ask the city of San Diego to rescind its decision favoring One Paseo, “the largest mixed-use project (1,857,440 square feet of development) in California without transit. One Paseo is denser than Century City, which has transit.”

Chair Gary Levitt said, “The bottom line is, The Carmel Valley board’s resolution (rejecting One Paseo) was completely ignored on this critical issue. We are asking the council to rescind.”

The board’s letter to the city, dated April 9, 2015, stated:

“The San Diego City Council ignored recommendations from the Carmel Valley Planning Board, including adoption of a reduced mixed-use project, in approving Kilroy Property’s One Paseo Project at three times larger than allowed by the Carmel Valley Community Plan and certifying the project’s Environmental Impact Report …

“(T)he San Diego City Council approved the One Paseo Project and certified the Environmental Impact Report without considering impacts to infrastructure, parkland, trail systems and emergency response times in the neighboring communities of Del Mar Mesa, Del Mar Heights, and Torrey Hills …

“… the Del Mar Mesa Planning Board urges the San Diego City Council to reconsider approval of the One Paseo project in light of the potential precedent-setting impact of this approval on the integrity of the city’s environmental review and planning processes.”

The deadline for the signature counting and verification process is April 24. If at least 33,224 petition signatures are valid, then the San Diego City Council will have to repeal the project’s approval or place the development on next June’s ballot for a citywide vote.