Del Mar native Taylor Williamson gearing up for “America’s Got Talent” finals

By Rob LeDonne

Taylor Williamson, the Torrey Pines High School graduate and stand-up comedian, has made it through yet another round of the NBC competition series “America’s Got Talent,” and this Tuesday performs on the show as part of the final 12 contestants.

“It’s so amazing,” said Williamson via telephone from New York, where the series broadcasts live from Radio City Music Hall. “I appreciate it because I realize that I’m here because people decided I should go through.”

Since debuting on the show in August, Williamson has quickly become a fan favorite. He caught the public’s eye after an inside joke with judge Heidi Klum (who was originally lukewarm on the comic) snowballed into a bit on the show where Williamson and Klum exchanged playful banter. As a result of his growing notoriety, Williamson has taken to calling his reverent fan-base Taylords — a play on pop stars giving a name to their fans (Lady Gaga calls them “Little Monsters” and One Direction’s fans are “Directioners”).

In addition, Williamson has become a hot commodity in the cutthroat world of stand-up.

“I recently sold out a headlining show at the Hollywood Improv on a Friday night,” explained Willaimson of the well-known venue. “That has never happened to me, ever. Two months ago I couldn’t even get an opening slot at a club like that. People really are enjoying what I do, and it’s so special.”

Also excited is Taylor’s mother, Suzanne, a Del Mar resident. “She wanted to put up fliers [telling people to vote for me],” Williamson explained. “I had to tell her not to.

“I’m still hoping she forgets about the money she lent me,” he joked.

This Tuesday, Sept. 10, Williamson will take the stage again as part of the top 12 finalists. If he makes it through, there will only be one more week of elimination until a winner is announced.

“It will be hard because last time went way too well, it was a dream scenario,” Williamson said. “I have to try to top it.”

“America’s Got Talent,” consistently ranked the number one show in the country, airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC San Diego. Voting opens, by phone and website, following Tuesday’s edition.

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