Del Mar: Outgoing cooking show host wanted

“Dinner at Your House” is a cooking show that takes place at the home of an outgoing, compelling individual, couple or family in Del Mar. Although the exact address and location is never revealed, in an effort to maintain privacy, the couple or individuals will be featured in the show and should not be resistant to some community exposure.

“Dinner at Your House” features a cooking segment, where a cook will create a fresh, delicious, healthy meal, devised in collaboration with the host’s preference, at their home, using local ingredients from the Del Mar Farmers’ Market. All preparations will take place in the hosts’ kitchen, using their cooking instruments and serving plates. The cook will bring all ingredients and spices, oils, etc. and will demonstrate techniques in preparing tasty, stylish food that is simple and easy enough to cook at home.

The other half of the show features a segment where a co-host will highlight interesting architectural, design or artistic elements of the house, family heirlooms or pieces of art within the home. The co-host will engage the homeowner(s) to elaborate how pieces were procured, why they love a piece, or what inspired a piece, or simply funny stories or anecdotes about the house and its contents.

The show will be filmed under the auspices of the Del Mar Television Foundation, which will then air to over 250,000 households once it is edited and gone through post-production. The 501(c)(3) non-profit strives to foster media education and programming for community minded individuals.

At the end of the show, everyone will enjoy the meal prepared by the cook.

Filming is slated for Aug. 12 and Aug. 13. The bulk of shooting will take place on Friday, Aug. 12, and a bit of shooting on location at the Del Mar Farmers’ Market on Aug. 13.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact program producer, Sunana Batra at (858) 444-6074 or via email at sunanabatra at