Del Mar Pines students recognized locally and nationally


Twelve students from Del Mar Pines School submitted their original artwork for the cover contest of the national K-8 MUSIC magazine. Three students received recognition awards. Fourth grader, Ann Li’s cover design was awarded a top finalist. Fifth grader Paige Macdonald and Fourth grader Justin Smith were both awarded honorable mention. They were chosen from over 10,000 entries submitted to the magazine from students across the United States.

Paige Macdonald’s oil painting “The Tulip” was selected from 80 works of art to be featured at Lux Art Institute’s 1st annual Tween Art Show in Encinitas. Paige was also honored by having one of her photos published on NPR’s Backseat Book Club website as part of a nationwide contest open to all ages.

All students at Del Mar Pines receive weekly music instruction as well as art, Spanish, technology, PE, hands-on science and library. Del Mar Pines is a private K-6 school located at 3975 Torrington Street in Carmel Valley (