Del Mar Rotary Club like a second family

By Emily Figueiredo

Publicity chair for the Rotary Club of Del Mar

When I joined the Rotary Club of Del Mar, I never imagined I’d be gaining a family of over 70 loving people. I imagined being a part of a club that helps local charities, and being part of a group of people that want to make a difference. I imagined a club that is part of an international organization that continues to accomplish great things like bringing the world to the brink of eradicating polio. What I didn’t imagine was a family. What I found in the Rotary Club of Del Mar was a weekly gathering of people who support each other, foster each other’s passions for making a positive impact in the world and a whole new group of friends to laugh with.

There are 57 years of service projects that this club can speak of, ranging from beach cleanups to disaster relief, from Powerhouse Park in Del Mar to Africa, Asia and beyond. I’m extremely proud to be part of such a legacy but I am also very blessed to be friends with the people that have made it all happen. The fellowship aspect of Rotary has allowed me to gain friendships with people that I never would have met otherwise: people who started our club in 1954, people who have travelled to the corners of the earth to vaccinate children, people who have been retired for years but still continue to offer their expertise to the community free of charge, people who trail blazed to be our first female club officers, and so much more.

I not only have the pleasure of sharing lunch with this large, loving family every Thursday afternoon, we get together for wine-tasting fundraisers, plan projects over happy hour, share the beautiful sunsets of Del Mar, travel together, celebrate birthdays and holidays and I was even “showered” before my recent wedding. Coming up is one of our most fun days of the year, the Chili and Quackers Challenge! This fundraiser is a free community event at Powerhouse Park that gives you the opportunity to adopt a rubber ducky that will float in the ocean and possibly win a fabulous prize for you! There will be plenty of activities for kids as well as a beer garden and great chili cook-off with creative entries from individuals and local restaurants. Join us on Oct. 15 from 3-6 p.m. for all of the fun!

The Del Mar Rotary Club has so much to offer and I’m so happy I became a member two years ago. Please be my guest to meet this wonderful group of people who are making a real difference in each other’s lives and in the world. We meet each Thursday at noon at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Del Mar or check us out online at