Del Mar school board prepares strategic plan for the future

By Karen Billing

Del Mar Union School District’s planning action teams met on May 6 as the district puts together its strategic plan that reaches to 2017. The teams met to discuss top priorities they have reviewed as groups in the areas of education programs, technology, professional learning, facility optimization, funding, communication, external relations and the newest district priority — student safety and well-being.

The priorities will also be included in the district’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), which they are required to develop by June for the state’s new Local Control Funding Formula.

“The strategic plan is something that really guides what we do in the district,” Superintendent Holly McClurg said. “It’s not something that just sits on a shelf.”

Some of the top priorities the action teams outlined for the district included:

• Develop a plan to implement Chromebooks at the third grade level and pilot new 21st century learning tools at the kindergarten through second grade level.

• Use Safari Montage, a digital media management system, as a tool to share lesson design.

• Create resources to support teachers in Common Core instruction.

• Pursue energy-efficient projects that provide cost savings required by Prop 39, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act.

• Maximize the functional use of facilities and develop different types of learning spaces on campuses.

• Be proactive in fiscal planning and maintain a prudent level of reserves.

• Expand on the use of social media, such as Twitter, to reach out to the community —Sage Canyon already has a pilot page.

• Update and implement a comprehensive school safety plan and address chronic absenteeism.