Del Mar school district board discusses emergency preparedness plan

By Matt Liebowitz

Del Mar Union School District Superintendent James Peabody took the school board and audience through the district’s emergency preparedness plan at its Dec. 14 meeting. As it currently stands, the plan centers on storage sheds; each school in the district has one on campus, and inside each shed, Peabody explained, schools “put items that would be useful during a disaster.”

The problem, Peabody contended, is that some schools’ emergency sheds were built when that school served a significantly smaller student population than it does now. Increased enrollment numbers mean schools need to take another look at what’s in each shed and make sure everything is useful, and, in the case of food items, haven’t passed their expiration dates.

“We have the infrastructure in place, we just need to make sure we keep [the contents of each shed] updated,” Peabody said. “We need to pay attention to this — the last time I checked we don’t get a second chance in an emergency.”

Board member Scott Wooden suggested the DMUSD enact a real-time communication system in the event of an emergency, such as a blackout or lockdown.

Director of Technology Mike Casey said the district was planning to set up a Twitter feed to spread information in an emergency situation, but was unsure of who would administer the account.