Del Mar school district forms committees to help clarify roles of support groups

By Karen Billing

The Del Mar Union School District has formed committees to develop objectives and action steps regarding how groups like Del Mar Schools Education Foundation and PTAs can work to meet their goals while supporting the district mission.

District superintendent Holly McClurg said she hopes the process clarifies what the purpose of the different groups is and helps them work collaboratively and achieve their individual goals.

“Strategic Planning Action Teams” will meet in September and October: “A Funding Action Team” and an “External Relations Action Team,” both with representatives from DMSEF and PTA.

A board workshop will be held in November to share the action items that come out of the planning teams.

The process also hopes to clean up the confusion over how the district accepts donations. Last year, the board was placed in a difficult position as Del Mar Heights parents donated over $15,000 with the intent of paying for a Spanish teacher, which was perceived by the board to be a consultant, not a teacher. When it was found the money was for a teacher, which is what the foundation fundraises for, the board could not approve the contract (according to its own rules) and the Spanish program had to be cancelled.

Parents in attendance admitted being a little confused about the agenda item but hoped it would help the issues they have with PTA and foundation fundraising.

“(The Heights) is very interested and willing to participate,” said Del Mar Heights parent Katherine White.

“We’re really good at raising money,” echoed Del Mar Hills parent Juli Oh of the PTA. “If we need to raise more then we will do it, we just need to know the parameters…We’ve set out goals for fundraising this year so we need to know if they need to be adjusted.”

Foundation treasurer Dave Wojtkowski said he understands the confusion and hopes the process can help clear it up.

“I think we all have the same ultimate goal in mind,” Wojtkowski said.