Del Mar school district honors employees, volunteers


By Karen Billing

The Del Mar Union School District board recognized its outstanding employees and volunteers of the year at its May 22 meeting.

School site “Teachers of the Year” honored were: Christine Mazone from Ashley Falls; Wendy Wojtkowski from Carmel Del Mar; Regina Vargus from Del Mar Heights; Sandi Martinez from Del Mar Hills; Rebecca Jones from Ocean Air; Paris Esmaili from Sage Canyon; JJ Mokiao from Sycamore Rodge; and Summer Gurell from Torrey Hills.

Vargus, the “dedicated, creative kindergarten teacher” who is also the president of the Del Mar California Teachers Association, was named the district’s “Teacher of the Year.”

Classified “Employees of the Year” from each site included: Vicki Wehrley from Ashley Falls; Ann Hoffman from Carmel Del Mar; Tracy Berger from Del Mar Heights; Samantha Scholten from Del Mar Hills; Tien Nguyen from Ocean Air; Isauro Lopez from Sage Canyon; Kathy Pechtimaldjian from Sycamore Ridge; Jason Billings from Torrey Hills; Patricia Liu from after-school programs; Kelly Templeton from the early childhood center; and Jonathon Guertin from the district office.

Out of that group, Liu was named the district’s “Classified Employee of the Year.” Liu has been with the district for 12 years and was praised for her knowledge, skill and care in helping the preschool and after-school programs earn a stellar reputation.

The district also honored “Site Volunteers of the Year”: Clay Melugin from Ashley Falls; Kate Takahashi from Carmel Del Mar; Erica Halpern from Del Mar Heights; Juli Oh from Del Mar Hills; Svetlana Maric and JoLynn Sillick from Ocean Air; Joanne Fogel from Sage Canyon; Shelly Yeagar and Pam Hunter from Sycamore Ridge; and Shelby Wyandt from Torrey Hills.

All of the honorees were treated to a bouquet of flowers, cake and coffee at the meeting and Mission Federal also awarded Vargus and Liu with gift bags and $200.