Del Mar TV producer releases documentary stories edited by Madison High School students

Del Mar TV Community TV Producer Stephanie Sullivan has released three documentary films on Del Mar TV (The Del Mar Television Foundation), a nonprofit organization, edited by five Madison High School students. Sullivan has been in the process of starting up her own nonprofit organization, “Pay It Forward Media” (PIFM), for the past three years.

Sullivan explained that she has created an “After-School Program” that will educate, mentor, guide and provide support for job opportunities and internships to underserved, at-risk and special needs youth in a full range of media platforms with practical applications to the real world. The program also assists the community by providing media support to the nonprofit organizations to help them prosper.

In January 2012, Sullivan contacted Mike Reynolds, Madison High School broadcast journalism/media arts teacher, at the recommendation of her Operational Director and PIFM Director of Feature Films, Trailers and Commercials, Kayla Warren, who is a full-time media arts/video production teacher at Creative Performing Media Arts Middle School. With the help of Richard Nash, principal, and Reynolds, Sullivan ended up leading an internship program through CCTE (College, Career, Technical Education) at Madison High School. This took place with two senior students from February through June in the editing bay in the computer lab next to their state-of-the-art broadcasting studio.

Last June through August, Sullivan also volunteered her time to help the interns/students learn how to put together five documentary films and Briana Sardina ended up co-producing two of the shows, The Princess Project and Walk for Lupus Now 2012.

A team of five Madison High School students/interns worked together under Sullivan’s direction and edited the shows. They were: Nick Tabor, junior, who is very technically knowledgeable and experienced in editing, and is trained to fully operate the broadcasting studio; Kenny Talliac, sophomore, and graduated seniors: Briana Sardina, Ivan Rojas and Ryan Ouzts. PIFM team members Kayla Warren, Jeremy York, Elena Buenrostro and co-founder of PIFM Dillan Stockham were also brought in to assist her with final editing and preparing the documentaries for airing.

Lorrie Jordan, broadcast journalism/video production teacher, and NBC NEWS 7/39 weather reporter, was also present at the internship to go over components included in the Madison High CCTE internship to assist these teenagers in obtaining internships and jobs.

Sullivan wrote a recommendation letter for Ryan Ouzts who then obtained a job at KUSI News 9/51. Kenny Talliac, now a junior, is currently assisting Sullivan by editing and videotaping events and is being trained by Kayla Warren to become a mentor/trainer for PIFM.

The documentaries will air on Del Mar TV as follows:

•“The Princess Project” featuring Jennifer Gaston, Princess Project San Diego chair and “Walk for Lupus Now 2012,” both co-produced by Stephanie Sullivan and Brianna Sardina

Airs and streams on Del Mar TV’s Website, on Time Warner Cable in the North County, Channel 130 Sundays at: 7 p.m. during the month of February.

•“Walk for Lupus Now 2011” with special guest/MC, Carlo Cecchetto, CBS-8

Special thanks to: Ryan Ouzts, intern, who recruited her special friend Michelle Martin to sing “Hero” by Mariah Carey in this documentary film.

Airs and streams on Del Mar TV’s website, on Time Warner Cable in the North County, Channel 130 Saturday, March 2 and March 9, at 5 p.m.; Wednesday, March 27 at 3:30 p.m.

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