Del Mar Union School District board of trustees lacking in leadership

By Corinne Hackbart

Resident, Del Mar

Well, I must admit I am a bit upset with the Del Mar Union School District board. I feel they have not taken on the leadership that they should have.

With the current situation regarding the dismissal of the superintendent, Sharon McClain, they should have let her go a long time ago. There have been a few instances where Sharon has not acted as a sound superintendent. The most recent situation is the recommendation by her to form the 7-11 committee.

I feel so bad for all of those parents and volunteers that dedicated so many hours of their family time to try to come to some conclusion about the school attendance numbers and how to handle the redistribution or closure of a school, just to have it sabotaged by Sharon’s inaccurate numbers.

All that time was for naught. Was it a smoke screen to take the attention away from something? Marsha Sutton got the correct numbers for attendance in 20 minutes and it took Sharon 2 1/2 weeks to confirm what Marsha stated was fact?

Come on board members — remember she works for you. You can get her to do what you ask when you ask. Now she has gotten momentum by using the teachers to promise them whatever they want to save her job and the teachers are using her to get whatever they want by having her represent them at the teachers contract meetings.

All of this is at the cost of the district. What about us: the community and kids? Who is watching out for us while all of this is going on?

I am also upset with the board for not having more control over the boardroom. Never should the behavior of late be allowed to take place in the boardroom. The disrespect is appalling. But then again, there is the same ol’ gang that shows up nearly every meeting, using parents to spew their venom since they cannot do it themselves.


Regarding the school closures, I think it is obvious that the Heights and Hills will need to be combined over time. I think the question now is, which site would make a better school and which site would make a better district office.

We west of I-5 are community like it or not. My wish, my Christmas wish, is that we can act and behave as one. This combination will happen. Will all the harsh, bad words said to people be so bad that there will not be the ability to come together as a content, happy school? Or, can everyone put it all aside and realize that we are all good people with same goals? I hope so.

On another note, I am not upset with the board about the resignation of Gary Wilson. It was not their decision. If you look at Gary’s history, he has been looking to improve his career since he got here. He has the right to do that. He was at Del Mar Hills for a while and as soon as the new bigger school Torrey Hills was built, he went there, taking a few teachers with him.

After the bigger jewel of the district, Ocean Air, opened, he went there. Gary has been applying for administrative positions all the time. He applied for the HR position for the DMUSD and some of you thought he was better suited to be a principal and gave the position to Rodger Smith. Gary has found a great place for himself. It was his choice and his choice alone. It is close to his home and community. I am happy for him and hope he too is happy.