Del Mar Union School District Superintendent McClurg receives raise, new contract


By Karen Billing

The Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) has signed Superintendent Holly McClurg on through 2017 with a new contract approved on July 24. McClurg also received a raise — she will now earn $170,000 a year, up from her 2012 pay of $158,500 a year.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the work that the superintendent has done,” said DMUSD Board of Trustees President Doug Rafner.

Trustee Doug Perkins said the board went through a very thorough process, looking locally and statewide at comparable districts’ salaries. He said McClurg started off at a much lower salary than typical and her new salary is still on the lower end of the scale.

He said the increase in salary is not only to bring McClurg up to where she should be, but is a reflection of a job well done since 2012 and a very positive board evaluation.