Del Mar’s Luxury Movie Theatre: Community Discussion

Since posting

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about the Cinepolis Luxury Cinema opening in Del Mar Highlands Town Center, our message boards have lit up with comments from the community. Some of you approving the higher prices for luxury, others stating they will shy away from this cinema.

Here is what people have been saying:


“We’ll see how this goes ... interesting business model, but a real niche market. There is a real need now for a family-friendly (read: NO alcohol!) theater on the north coast. I just can’t imagine taking a gaggle of school age kids to a theater like this”.

Kim B-

“Hello! There’s a recession on in case you haven’t seen a newspaper in the last few years. What we need is a place to take the kids for a movie without spending their college fund to do it. I can’t see myself taking a group of children here - nor would you probably want them here if you’re spending approximately $75 for a romantic night out with your honey. The owners should have looked into the demographics of North County before building. Looks like Red Box will be getting (even more of ) our business.”


“I think this is a great idea. Everyone that’s complaining about the prices...go rent a movie from RedBox. Why is everyone concerned with bringing kids. Wow..there’s alcohol, so what...there is adult beverages at the Padres Games and no one is complaining about it there. My wife and I won’t go to another movie theater after this experience. Please expand to Eastlake!!! AWESOME!!!!!”


“NO...Hello.... This isn’t for kids!!! This is really for adults and people who appreciate a little more for a little more $. Take your kids to UltraStar. Finally someone stepped up and brought something cool to San Diego. Thank You. Much needed adult theater... No kids. Love this idea and will be there soon.”


“Wrong area for the concept, figures Donahue Schriber would make a dumb mistake like this. It will be out of business in a year.”


“Great concept, but it’s WAY too expensive. Now we’ll have to drive to Mira Mesa or La Jolla to see a movie. Kinda sucks!”


“Are you kidding? This gives a dinner and a movie date new meaning... Have dinner in a seven-foot luxury recliner and take in the movie at the same time. Awesome!!! Not the best 1st or 2nd date, but after that... Let’s face it fellas, can it really get any better? ... As far as the location. Near Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, in Carmel Valley. This will be a huge success. Grab a matinee for $13.50 if you’re budgeting.”

The theatre has been open for a little over a week now, has anyone tried it out yet? Tell everyone your experience and if it compared to the pre-opening comments from the community.