Despite last-minute space issues, Canyon Crest Academy seniors able to attend prom

Toward the end of last week, as the Canyon Crest Academy June 2 junior-senior prom approached, it appeared many students would not be able to attend the event as the demand for tickets exceeded the venue capacity.

Canyon Crest Academy Principal Brian Kohn said that, traditionally, there have been about 300 tickets sold for the junior-senior prom, so a space was booked to accommodate that number. But this year, at the last minute, suddenly about 200 seniors wanted to buy tickets and found it was sold out.

So the event organizers asked the hotel to expand the room size. Initially the hotel said it could not do that, but by Thursday the hotel said they were able to add another space to the booked room, and could accommodate 500 people, up from 300, Kohn said.

Meanwhile, the school offered juniors $20 to sell back their prom tickets – Kohn said about a dozen students accepted that offer.

But after the hotel found more space, the school was able to accommodate all the seniors who wanted to go. Juniors were prohibited from buying new tickets, so there were some juniors who weren’t able to attend the event. About 490 tickets were ultimately sold and every senior was able to attend the prom, Kohn said.

— Staff report