Different future Del Mar?

“We have to vote for it, so we will know what’s in it!” Remember that?

Well, I just read some more of the voluminous proposed Village Specific Plan the Del Mar City Council is going to adopt in August and we are going to vote for in November, and look what I found.

The plan states we now have 280,000 square feet of buildings in downtown Del Mar, and the amount planned for at final buildout is 600,000 square feet! That


the size of buildings never sounded like implementing the small-town, low-key village described in the Community Plan I read.

But, wow, I just read further, and found that 600,000 figure is based on raising the Floor Area Ratio from 45 percent to a new base rate of 100 percent! But, in addition, in order to provide incentives for doing this and that, there is a new maximum F.A.R. rate of 150 percent! That means that, if all the new development includes the preferred development of this and that, the maximum amount planned for at final buildout

can be at least

900,000 square feet!

Now that really isn’t the future Del Mar I see described in the Community Plan! But, that is what the proposed VSP says to implement the CP.

Ralph Peck

Del Mar