Digital dental technology brings same-day smile improvements to San Diego patients

By Claudia Cortadi, D.D.S.

In years past, restorative dental work was notoriously inconvenient for dentists and patients alike. Messy, cumbersome impression materials and extended processing periods made for slow service – that is, until the development of digital impression technology made it possible for dentists to streamline restorative procedures and improve the speed with which clients saw results. Today, digital impressions are the quickest, most accurate and comfortable means by which to prepare ceramic dental crowns – and the key to creating better smiles in as little as a single day.

Traditional dental restorations usually require multiple patient visits, as well as repeated corrections in order to fix inaccurate manual impressions. But now, the

Cerec digital impression system

is changing all that – making crowns not only more precise, but faster and more aesthetically pleasing into the bargain. With Cerec, patients experience minimally invasive chairside oral impression scans and crown production over the course of a single office visit. The digital process provides an unparalleled opportunity for patient involvement and understanding of the restoration process, and yields crowns that are made to fit accurately, comfortably and beautifully. By the end of the visit, patients walk away with a new, healthier smile: and from a dentist’s perspective, there’s no better feeling than helping a patient achieve great results while still respecting her time, convenience and optimal comfort.

Transform your smile with help from San Diego’s digital imaging experts

Advances in oral healthcare are making it easier than ever for individuals to secure top-quality dental services; but as with any important medical procedure, restorative dental work is best performed by an experienced professional who inspires patient trust. Digital dental technology


highly intuitive – but only when administered by a qualified dentist do digital impressions result in precise and long-lasting corrective work.


Ablantis Dental

, we believe in blending state-of-the-art solutions with highly personalized and compassionate patient care: and thanks to Cerec technology, we deliver not only superior service, but maximum patient communication, convenience, well-being and self-confidence along the way. Serving patients from Solana Beach, La Jolla, Encinitas, Del Mar, Carlsbad and Oceanside and offering bilingual care in both English and Spanish, our staff strives to make a positive difference in the lives of each and every patient we touch. Change your smile in record time, and experience the digital difference in dental care. To learn more, visit us online: