District happy with garage proposal

The Rancho Santa Fe School District is pleased with a plan to make the Inn’s tennis center on Linea del Cielo a permanent home for the patrol and a joint-use 159-space garage for the fire district, Inn and R. Roger Rowe School to use.

Currently, the patrol is temporarily operating on the Dacus property on El Fuego, which the school district’s will buy.

The trustees agreed to put $600,000 toward the new joint-use parking facility last week.

“We’re super excited about this because it really frees up Dacus to not have the patrol there,” Superintendent Lindy Delaney said. “It’s also taking 30 to 40 cars off our campus.”

By contributing $600,000, the school would get easement rights for 30 to 40 parking spaces. The Inn would own 108 parking spaces and would consider allowing the school to use them during special events.

The fire department, entitled to 35 spaces, would contribute $1.6 million and the Association’s share of the cost would be $2.5 million for the patrol station and its 11 parking spaces in the garage.

Delaney said the board is considering giving teachers key or gate card access to the garage - it wouldn’t be open to the public.

Trustee Scot Cheatham asked Association Manager Pete Smith if there have been any issues with community members regarding the project.

“At this point, we feel pretty optimistic,” said Smith, who noted they still have to go through the Art Jury process with their preliminary drawings.