DM advisory panel for new codes OK’d

The Del Mar City Council on Monday unanimously approved establishing an advisory committee to work on preparing new development codes for downtown Del Mar.

The committee will work with city staff to develop the new “form-based” codes, which will outline the architectural forms and positions desired for buildings on each parcel in the downtown commercial district. This process will also look at how buildings interact with landscaping and pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Anyone interested in serving on the committee should contact city hall as soon as possible.

“I think you’re going to have a lot of interest,” said Brian Mooney, interim planning director, told the council.

The committee will consist of nine members, including a Village commercial property owner, Village business owner, two at-large residents, and five additional members who have expertise in planning, design, energy conservation, traffic, parking and finance.

One appointee must live in or adjacent to the Village. Two council members will serve as liaisons between the committee and rest of the council, bringing the total number of members to 11.

“We wanted it larger but not too unwieldy so we can months,” said Councilman Don Mosier.

Councilman Richard Earnest cautioned that the committee is going to require a “big-time commitment” for the next six months. But, he said, potential applicants should not be deterred thinking this committee is tasked with drafting a specific plan, which in the past has been an onerous and much lengthier process.

The six-month timeframe for preparing the codes for council consideration starts once the committee is formed.

Earnest and Mosier plan to conduct interviews in the coming weeks and say they hope to return with a final list of members for council approval in March.

Earnest and Mosier suggested past members of various city committees, such as the Design Review Board or Planning Commission, apply because they have applicable experience and are familiar with city regulations.

However, current members will not be considered because they may review the codes in an official capacity.

Individuals from outside the city limits may be recruited if needed to fill a gap in expertise.

For more information, call Del Mar City Hall at (858) 755-9313.