DM company hired by Fairbanks Ranch


Fairbanks Ranch Country Club is undergoing a major update to its clubhouse.

Del Mar’s Jennifer Adams Design Group was hired to take on the reinvention of the 30,000-square-foot clubhouse.

The design group hopes to build on the club’s rich history, which started with the equestrian endurance events of the 1984 Summer Olympics.

They also hope to warm up the space with color and texture, and embrace the casual elegance of the Spanish Mediterranean style.

This means hardwood and travertine flooring, grand stone fireplaces and tongue and groove woodwork in the ceiling, leather and textured upholstery. “Jennifer Adams is a talented, vivacious, personable interior designer,” Steve Wittert, general manager of Fairbanks, said.

Designing women

The company’s namesake, Jennifer Adams, will tell you that her firm is about more than just her. “The reason I am successful is that I hire people that are a lot better than me,” Adams said.

Interior design was always on her mind - when she was a teenager she was constantly moving her bedroom furniture and even dyed her carpet.

Adams started her group in her native Oregon in 1998 and moved to Del Mar two years ago.

On her Del Mar team are Chris Darnall, who Adams said thinks of everything in the design on down to the nail heads, and Jill Robinson, still a student at the Design Institute of San Diego, who Adams said creates amazing hand-drawn blueprints.

“Jen’s got a really well-rounded team, everyone is good at a handful of things and we all work really well together,” Darnall said.

Adams also appears on the HGTV show “My First Place” as well as the show “Better” on Fox 5 San Diego.

In addition to local work, Adams and the crew are frequently on the road doing residential and commercial projects across the country; not to mention Adams’ on- site appearances for TV.

Last week she was filming a segment on baby nurseries - this one for a lucky baby with a view of the Hudson River from a condo in the Trump Tower. The group said they don’t mind logging the travel time, as it helps keep up with trends going on all over the country.

“We stay very aware of what’s happening but we try to stay classic,” Adams said. Of course, she said, that all depends on what the client wants.

A cue from nature

At Fairbanks, the group was only taxed with redesigning the upstairs part of the club - its entryway and lobby, main dining room, lounge, private dining room and wine room.

“It’s so pretty, with such a beautiful view,” said Adams of the palm tree sprinkled course bordered by the river valley. “We wanted something that doesn’t block that view but takes advantage of the already beautiful setting.”

With the renovation, Adams is using local vendors like Solana Beach-based Mitchell’s Flooring, Daniel Valdepena’s cabinetry work and California Customs/Andrew Morgan for the upholstery and draperies.

They plan to be done with phase one of the project by April 1, just in time for an already scheduled bar mitzvah.

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