DMUSD appoints committee for possible school closure or realignment

The Del Mar Union School District Board of Trustees approved the appointment of seven community and district members to the 7/11 District Advisory Committee to assist in making the best possible judgment regarding surplus space/property.

California Education Code 17388 requires the Board to appoint a 7/11 District Advisory Committee of not less than 7 nor more than 11 members to review data concerning possible school closure/realignment, and make recommendations to the Board. “We want to demonstrate to the community that the school board takes their concerns about closure or realignment of schools very seriously,” said Board President Katherine White.

“We were fortunate to receive applications from a broad spectrum of individuals who

are well qualified for the 7/11 Advisory Committee our community deserves and the Education Code demands.”

Faced with 5 of its 8 schools operating at half and two-thirds capacity, the Del Mar Union School District Board of Trustees is considering closing a school or realigning schools for financial reasons.

The California Education Code requires that the 7/11 District Advisory Committee include active representatives from the business community, landowners or renters, teachers, administrators, and parents of students. In addition, Ed Code recommends that the district seek individuals with a background in environmental impact, legal contracts, building codes and land use planning as well as members who are of the same ethnicity, age

group, and socioeconomic composition of the District.

The appointed 7/11 District Advisory Committee members are: parents Jennifer Emberger, Del Mar Heights School; Janet Handzell, Sage Canyon School; Wayne Harris, Ashley Falls School; Bob Shopes, Del Mar Hills School; Principal Susan Paul, Torrey Hills School; Teacher Cinda Peck, Carmel Del Mar School; and Randy Wheaton, District Office Director of

Maintenance & Operations. (While more than 30 well qualified applicants applied for the Committee, no one applied from the Ocean Air School or Sycamore Ridge School communities.)

According to Education Code 17399, the 7/11 District Advisory Committee must review projected school enrollment and other data, establish a priority list of use of surplus space and real property, circulate a priority list of surplus space and real property and provide for hearings of community input to the Committee on acceptable uses of space and real property, make a final determination of limits of tolerance of use of space and real property, and finally, forward to the District Governing Board a report recommending

uses of surplus space and real property Del Mar City citizen and teacher Cinda Peck said, “I volunteered to serve because I believe this 7/11 District Advisory Committee will provide the community with the transparency we need to determine whether or not to close or realign a school.” The 7/11 Advisory Committee will meet as frequently as needed to review data and take community input, leading up to a decision by December of this year, according to Superintendent, Sharon McClain.

Dr. Sharon McClain, Superintendent of DMUSD, says the appointment of this committee will give the community involvement in possible school closure or realignment. “We want input from the community,” she explained. “We have fine minds and very committed citizens in this community. We know their involvement will help us make the best plans for

the future of the children of Del Mar.”

SOURCE: DMUSD news release