DMVA to erect signs for visitors

The Del Mar Village Association is working on directory signs to help visitors find their way around downtown.

“There’s a disconnect between the beach to downtown ... and between the north and south ends of town,” said Jen Grove, director of the Del Mar Village Association. “These will help people navigate downtown.”

The proposal for the signs, funded by the Village Association, is coming to the City Council March 16. If approved, they would be installed before peak tourist season in June.

Designed by the same firm that created the city’s entry signs, these directional signs include the same city logo and brushed silver material. They will stand about five-and-a-half-feet tall to comply with safety and accessibility codes.

The directories are meant to help visitors learn about the variety of shops, restaurants and businesses within Del Mar, especially, for folks starting at the beach or the farmer’s market.

Often, beach goers do not know where the downtown is, or get to Bully’s but don’t venture beyond because they do not know what’s there, Grove said.

These strategically placed signs will hopefully help visitors keep walking down the street, a vital component to revitalizing the downtown area, Grove said.

Grove had also proposed a second set of signs to help direct drivers toward parking, the downtown or the beach. However, these larger, 12-feet-tall signs sparked some concerns among residents and the council.

“I have concerns about the size and the number, there are too many of them,” resident George Webb said at the council’s March 2 meeting.

The vehicular signs will be investigated further and brought back to council later.

Proposed sign locations

Five dark green signs, with large, easy to read maps, a list of the 130 businesses, restaurants and public facilities in downtown Del Mar are proposed at key locations:

-Near Powerhouse Park

-The corner in front of Americana

-In front of the Plaza

-The gap near Bully’s

-In front of City Hall