Do changes to Prop B really require additional votes by the people?

Much has been written about the fact that California State Code mandates that change to an initiative requires another vote by the people. But is this really a problem? With Prop B, there is only one issue that could require a subsequent vote: that is if the Solana Beach City Council were to decide to once again close the facility for private events. Look at the provisions of Prop B. Is there really a person or group who will require a vote to change the 10 p.m. closing time? Or the provision for “nominal fees”? Or the limit to not more than two of three weekend days that the council has the ability to further reduce? Or that noise control and occupancy shall be determined by the existing Solana Beach municipal code and fire marshal limits? Or that behavior that violates ABC, state or city rules and regulations will result in closure of the event and possible fines? It is not realistic to think any of these five issues would prompt a campaign for another vote. Thus, it is only the one issue — total closure for private events — that would prompt the need for another election. Should the City Council propose to close the facility for private events, it would be entirely appropriate to submit this question to a vote of the people. Thus, Prop B is totally reasonable and deserves your “Yes” vote.

Rena C. Monge

Solana Beach