Do not overbuild another coastal community

By Drew Cady

Nineteen-year resident of Del Mar

Consider the grassroots work of those who are opposed to Proposition J. There are at least 30 Del Mar citizens, including many past and present leaders of the community, who are taking time out of their schedules each of these past several weeks, to walk and talk and inform their neighbors about this Proposition. The supporters of Prop J on the other hand, have hired a group of people, mostly from out of the community, who are being paid to support this Proposition with their efforts. Here are the statistics on this No on Prop J grassroots effort:

The number of contributors to the No on Prop J effort is 70. By comparison, the number or contributors to Yes on Prop J is 42. The average contribution by No on Prop J supporters is $227 compared with $642 from the Yes on Prop J supporters. The total budget of the No on J effort is currently $12,784 compared with $47,087 for the Yes on Prop J. (nearly four times as much money being spent by the Yes on Prop J supporters).

What is clear to me is that this is yet another attempt by developers to overbuild a small coastal community, reaping enormous profits up front and leaving the community with an overbuilt commercial footprint which destroys the quality of life in their community. Those developers are not considering the impact that all of this increase in population, traffic, noise and air pollution will have upon the village of Del Mar; nor will they care, as they build this oversized footprint and depart with their tidy profits, without so much as a glance back at yet another demised coastal community.

What is also clear is that this “boutique retail” model in these small coastal communities breaks down and no longer works when large box plazas, such as Flower Hill, Del Mar Highlands and — please no — One Paseo are implemented mere miles inland from these communities. Del Mar’s commercial district cannot possibly compete with these large plazas and the notion that we must is simply out of touch with reality.

Please, vote No on Proposition J.