Doesn’t plain logic say to vote ‘No’?

Well, the Del Mar Council adopted their proposed Village Specific Plan, after reducing the allowed development cap from 600,000 sq. ft. to 500,000 sq. ft. and removing the 4th roundabout at 15th St.

That means the proposed maximum development will be approximately 1/3 less, meaning the maximum development will be allotted on a first come/first served basis to developers. In other words, after taking advantage of all the bonus incentives for this and that, and building 3-story buildings on the west side of CDM (Camino Del Mar) out to the edge of the sidewalk, here and there, there will remain all the one and two story buildings set back from the sidewalk 20-25 feet from the sidewalk, and at different levels from CDM. Won’t that look well-planned?

It also guarantees that the three roundabouts will not work (creating more congestion, pedestrian and car hazards and use of residential streets) because it was pointed out the roundabouts will not work if there are any stop signs. And now there will be a big one at 15th and another one at 16th. How can you tell if the other three work, if there are two big stop signs, plus the pedestrians stopping cars to cross the street!

Doesn’t plain logic say to vote ‘No’?

Ralph Peck

Del Mar