Dolls dominate on new banked track

By Will Parson


The San Diego Derby Dolls’ Banked Track All-Stars beat the Mitten Kittens of Michigan, 193-58, on the Derby Dolls’ new banked track in the Wyland Center at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Feb. 6.

The San Diego team is not new to banked track competition, having already won the Battle on the Bank II national tournament in Austin, Texas, last summer. But the Feb. 6 match was its very first home bout on a banked track.

The San Diego league is unique in that it fields both flat and banked track teams, but the primary advantage of the banked track is the speed.

“It’s definitely a lot faster, the track seems a little bigger even though it’s not, and the hits are little bit different as well,” said skater Some Brero, who has been with the Derby Dolls for two years.

The new track contributed to the All-Stars’ victory over a team with limited experience competing at an angle.

“We have played some other teams that are a little more seasoned on the banked track and that usually poses a little more competition,” Brero said. The Derby Dolls’ practice track is also banked, albeit smaller and less sloped.

San Diego Derby Dolls’ Cherry Punch was in charge of construction for the new track, which has been an objective since league founder Bonnie D. Stroir started the local club in 2005 as a sister league to the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. After most of the sold-out crowd had left, D. Stroir took a few solo laps around the sloped ring to cool down.

“I’m probably going to cry during the whole entire after-party and probably all day tomorrow too,” D. Stroir said. “Crying’s not good for your game, your ferocity, so I’ve been holding it all day and I’m getting ready to lose it.”

Time lapse video: Banked track build up (posted by the San Diego Derby Dolls)

Time lapse video: Banked track break down (posted by the San Diego Derby Dolls)