Don’t be fooled by ‘deceptive advertising’


Look at the untruthful ad, published in the Solana Beach Sun on Jan. 16, by the proponents of Prop B.

This ad is immediately discredited four pages later by one of their own Prop B supporters in a letter titled ”Who is at fault for the cost of the election.”

Their ad inaccurately states, among other falsehoods, that the Council can change Prop B regulations at any time without an election. Not only is this untruthful, it is denied by one of their own supporters in a letter in the same edition of the paper. A former council member, Celine A. Olson, references in her letter a proposal from Margaret Schlesinger, Solana Beach’s first mayor, which points to a June election as the manner to change the law! Certainly these two people know the facts of the state of California’s Initiative law. Accordingly, they both state, according to Olson’s letter, that “it could be amended later at a regular election” and that it could be “revoked at the June primary election.”

Prop B proponents are attempting to hoodwink the voters of Solana Beach with false ads.

Do the people in favor of Prop B think we are naïve enough to be fooled by their deceitful ads?

Is this not the same group who brought untruthful statements about Solana Beach finances to the last election?

It is the obligation of the proponents of B to be honest in their statements, and it is the obligation of the residents of Solana Beach to see through their deceptions and realize that the Prop B proponents caused us to waste the $200,000 on this election and possibly more money for future elections if we allow Prop B to pass. The fact is future elections are required to make any changes to Prop B, and two former council members correctly acknowledge this. Remember, in politics deliberate misstatements cannot change the facts.

I am voting “No” on Prop B and I urge you to do the same.

Allen Frisch

Solana Beach