Don’t be the next Poway — Vote No on Props EE, AA and CC

Have you heard what happened in Poway with their $105 million school bond? Thanks to their politicians, their $105 million bond will cost almost

$1.1 billion

to repay and the debt is being dumped on the children of today, as repayment will not even start for another 20 years.

This is why I’m voting No on Props EE (Mira Costa College bond), Prop CC (Del Mar School bond) and Prop AA (the San Dieguito School bond). These bonds, by the most conservative estimates, will cost about $3 billion dollars to repay, but if the politicians follow the path of Poway, the could cost 10 times more.

Here is the worst part. What happened in Poway is not unique. Their controversial, immoral repayment schedule also exists in San Diego, Escondido and Oceanside. Further, there is no California law protecting the people from our politicians. In other words, if we authorize a bond, they could adopt the controversial repayment program that Poway adopted.

Don’t be the next Poway. Vote No, No, No on Prop EE, Prop AA and Prop CC.

Brian Brady

Solana Beach