Don’t break Carmel Valley’s heart

A recent letter stated that our rejection of One Paseo is like Marin County’s rejection of a Lucas Films Production company. Well, it’s not.

Certainly Carmel Valley would welcome a Google or Microsoft business here – and indeed I would welcome a Lucas Films production company. Those kinds of companies would yield high paying professional jobs where employees would be able to afford our Carmel Valley homes and, indeed, embrace our CV culture and lifestyle, and live here. One Paseo jobs will be low paying jobs, held by far away commuters.

That same letter said Carmel Valley is missing a heart and that One Paseo would provide one. Building more office, hotel, and retail, along with increased traffic, does not make a heart. Like the Tin Man, we find our heart from within, and we have a heart. It’s our walk-to parks, bicycle friendly roads, our schools, and our children. Let’s not break it.

Dave Wolfson

Carmel Valley resident

and business owner