Don’t destroy the beauty and charm of Del Mar — Vote No on Prop J

By Mary Lee Moser

Del Mar

There are many reasons to vote “No” on Prop J. For me, as a homeowner in the wonderful community of Del Mar for almost two decades, it is that height increases (adding second stories) on the west side of Camino Del Mar will significantly impact the beauty and charm of the city. My family from Missouri visits often, and they were here last month. In my brother’s words, “My favorite thing is to wake up and walk the 10 blocks from our hotel to the cafe on 15th Street for breakfast, taking in the sights, smells, and atmosphere of the ocean the whole time.”

When I told him about what would happen to height allowances if Prop J were to be passed, he just looked at me incredulously, and said “Why on earth would anyone voluntarily destroy ocean views?” I don’t know the answer to this, but I do urge a “No” vote on Prop J to protect an aspect of Del Mar that’s enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.