Don’t let gravity weigh you down! Unload for spine health


Load or force comes from gravity, muscles, body position, and movement. This affects your spine integrity since too much or too little load can damage the vertebrae. The front of the spine (vertebral body) is soft and spongy, while the back of the spine is hard, firm and stronger.

For optimal spinal unloading, integrate the following components to improve your spine and overall health:

  1. Body position: Lying on your back, side or stomach can reduce the gravitational force on the spine.
  2. Specific muscle training: The core and deep postural muscles of the entire spine are designed to move the body, while keeping it upright and stable.
  3. Posture alignment: When the body is in an optimal, lengthened position, it can improve spine integrity.
  4. Control of movement: The central nervous system controls movement. Improve the body’s ability to move with optimal control by reducing spinal forces.
  5. Body mechanics: When the body is effectively trained for optimal alignment, it can properly unload with all movement to promote a healthier spine.

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