Don’t let schools feel the economic pinch

There’s no denying we are in troubled financial times. Market meltdowns, collapsing investment giants and real estate woes point to an environment like no other in our recent history.

We are all feeling the pinch and the fear is palpable among our friends and neighbors.

It has long been an adage that as the United States goes, so goes the rest of the world. Although that was the case this week with jittery foreign markets responding in kind to the growing domestic crisis, signs point to a new global era with a distinct possibility that America is losing its competitive edge.

Where should our efforts be directed to solve that dilemma? -Squarely towards the future.

Innovation and knowledge just might be our way out of this malaise. Locally we have seen some impressive grants in basic research of late. We applaud that foresight and believe it should continue.

But looking even further to the future we should be directing as much funding as possible to our schools - and at all grade levels. Our children are the leaders of the future and we all know our current public and private sector leaders haven’t exactly led by example.

Our area holds some of the brightest minds in the country and presumably the same goes for their children. But they have to have the opportunity to learn - especially during these times when public schools are the most affordable option available.

Times are tight, but corners can’t be cut in education. We urge your support of our schools in any way possible, be it by contributing (as much as you can) through education foundations to improve science and technology or through communication with our legislators.

We can’t let our schools see the economic meltdown that we’re seeing on the national level. Our future depends on it.