Don’t lose the ability to vote on large-scale development in downtown Del Mar

By Mark Schneider

I’m against Prop J because of the fact that the residents will lose the ability to have a vote on large-scale development in downtown Del Mar. I live here because of the small town, slow growth and lack of development. Development of second stories will block views, reduce sky space and add unnecessary bulk to downtown.

I feel Del Mar could lose it’s charm and small town feeling if more growth happens.

I don’t have a lot of faith in the Design Review Board. They neglected to show good faith, good taste and seemed to look the other way when a huge home was allowed to be constructed in a neighborhood of small, charming, well-balanced homes. The mass of this home is incongruent with the neighborhood. I can’t help but assume that they will do the same if we add commercial and residential space downtown.

I think adding more residential housing here will add to the congestion and increase off-street parking that already overflows to surrounding neighborhoods.

I am also very leery of the developers who are supporting this. There are more than one who came in to our neighborhood buying up properties and developing huge homes with no restraints of neighborhood concerns.