Don’t raise the roofs!

By Marianne Pinchot Nicols

Del Mar

Oh, please don’t raise the roofs! Where do American tourists go in Europe outside the major cities? To quaint villages two and three stories high. They want charm, and the higher the building, the less charming it looks! Consider Beverly Hills: Rodeo Drive has low buildings and it’s packed with tourists. Around the corner is Wilshire Blvd., with high buildings. Wilshire Blvd. is not thronged with tourists, but Rodeo Drive is. Taller buildings would ruin Rodeo Drive, change the feel of the place. The same is true of Del Mar.

I notice we need a face-lift. We look shabby. Better quality motels would help, and also better merchandise in more attractive shops. Have we considered a small bus driving up and down main street, as well as more parking farther south? As residents we also want to enjoy our small and charming village, with plenty of sky showing, and sea breezes blowing through. We need successful merchants to help maintain its attractive image.