Dr. Curtis Chan to hold Annual Great Halloween Candy Buy Back

Again this year, military serviceman will be at the Candy Buy Back. (Dr. Curtis Chan is above left.)

Dr. Curtis Chan is smiling with great expectations for his 4th annual Great Halloween Candy Buy Back. The Buy Back helps local children unload the Halloween candy they don’t need for a good cause. The candy is donated to troops overseas and children are given $1 per pound (up to five pounds).

The Buy Back will be held on Thursday, Nov. 8, between 3-7 p.m. at Dr. Chan’s new dental office located at 12835 Pointe Del Mar Way in Del Mar, just west of Carmel Valley Rd. The child must be present and must have or make a card for the troops in order to receive their cash. Each child will leave with a free toothbrush kit, to brush away any damage from the Halloween candy they kept.

Last year the drive was a big success, collecting 2,298 pounds. A whopping 948 pounds came from the dental buy back, with partners Santa Fe Christian collecting 570 pounds and Ralph’s donating 780 pounds. Santa Fe Christian will again run a candy collection.

Beanie babies and small stuffed animals are also collected along with candy, and children will receive an extra prize for donating a stuffed animal. Over 200 beanie babies were collected last year. The troops often use candy and beanie babies to connect with local children in the area they are serving.

Again this year, military serviceman will be at the Candy Buy Back so in addition to writing a heartfelt card, the children can personally say “Thank you” and show appreciation for their service.

Dr. Curtis Chan’s new dental office location: 12835 Pointe Del Mar Way Suite #3, Del Mar, CA 92014. For more information, call (858) 481-9090 or visit